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Wildflower Garden

Autumn 2021

The Junior Cycle CSPE classes have been busy since September working on our school's biodiversity project. The aim is to complete a wildflower garden which will provide a sustainable area which will encourage pollinators such as birds, bees and insects.

This project has been planned for the last 2 years but was delayed due to Covid but now is well on track to being completed.

With the support of the principal Mr. Anthony Doogan an area was decided upon that would be suitable for a wildflower garden. The CSPE classes have made insect hotels, bird tables, bird boxes, bird feeders, sustainable garden furniture and sensory items. All have been made from recycled materials sourced locally. A huge thank you goes to 6 LCA and the 3D CSPE class who guided and supported the students throughout. We would also like to thank our wonderful caretakers John O'Brien and Liam Harrigan who assisted us with advice and demonstrations.

The wildflower seeds and bird box flat packs were kindly funded by the World Wide Global Schools.

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