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Teaching and Learning Remotely

Links to Websites

Please find a link below to a document outlining a set of links to websites with resources. The author has outlined if they are free or paid and he has also rated the websites. The ratings are the opinion of the author. These links should be particularly useful for all 5th and 6th year students.

Google Classroom Information for Parents

Some parents may have questions about Google Classroom. Please click on the link below for a guide.

Study tips from Amazing Brains

Please click HERE for study tips from Amazing Brains.

Free access to ebooks

In recent days quite a number of the textbook companies have opened up their ebooks for all people free. In a lot of cases there are quite good revision books available. There are images with instructions for usernames and passwords. for each company below. Simply follow the instructions to login. Each image is a live link to the corresponding website.

CJ Fallon



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