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Jigsaw One Good School Program

We are one of the 12 schools in Donegal taking part in this initiative from now until June 2023.

Schools play a vital role in promoting the mental health and wellbeing of young people and many others within the school community. Schools can provide a safe and supportive environment for building life-skills, resilience and a strong sense of connectedness. Fostering healthy relationships among peers, school staff and parents is critical to a young person’s overall experience of school and their social, emotional and cognitive development.

A comprehensive and integrated approach to mental health promotion in schools requires initiatives and supports for young people, teachers, parents and guardians and school leadership teams. A key component of the success of One Good School™, is a commitment to adopting a whole-school approach to promoting and supporting youth mental health and wellbeing.

We will soon be seeking the views of students, parents and staff between now and the end of this school year - we would really appreciate your feedback so as to inform our future work.

Anthony Doogan Sinead Mc Carron

Principal Guidance Counsellor

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