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First Year Home Economics Recycling Projects

Well done to all the first year Home Economics students on their beautiful creations. They were made using old materials that they had at home. The idea was to create an item using waste materials at home and create a new useful item. This item could be practical or decorative. This topic is part of the topic “Sustainable Living” where students look at our impact on the environment and how to reduce the amount of waste we produced. All the teachers and SNAs in the HE department were so impressed with all the hard work shown in the projects. It was also lovely to hear how students came up with their ideas and see the item at our online “Show & Tell” classes before the February break.

We have attached some photos of the first year projects to inspire others. This project also ties in directly with Global Goal 12.

The projects made by first years vary from pencil holders, piggy banks, bird feeders, toys to lamps. The beautiful map of North and South America is made from plastic bottle tops. The map not only uses waste plastic but it was made to show the continent which produces the most plastic waste. Metal bottle caps were used to make a horse decoration and another student even made their own paper & diary!

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