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Donegal Youth Council Elections - Friday 20th November

Donegal Youth Council Elections

The Donegal Youth Council works to represent the voices of young people in our county and raises topics and issues important to young people at local and national level. It is made up of 39 young people aged between 12-18 in Donegal, elected from schools and youth groups.

There are 4 students from Moville Community College who have put themselves forward for election onto the Donegal Youth Council. Elections will be held on Friday 20th November and all students will be sent a link to vote for their chosen candidate on this date. Results will be announced on Monday 23rd November. This week our 4 nominees will be canvassing for your votes in school and through google classroom.

The 4 candidates are..

  • Aaron Mc Laughlin (1st yr) (interested in raising awareness of student issues and pushing for school building)

  • Zoe Doherty (1st yr) (aims to promote clubs and sports and campaign for school building)

  • Keenan Lake (3rd yr) (interested in working to deliver school building asap)

  • Jack McLaughlin (6th yr) (plans to introduce a variety of food at lunchtime and fight for school building)

Best of luck to all candidates this week. Make sure you vote on Friday!!

Aaron McLaughlin (1st Year)

Zoe Doherty (1st Year)

Keenan Lake (3rd Year)

Jack McLaughlin (6th Year)

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