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Post 3 - Travelling within school

Moville Community College has considered how students should enter and exit classrooms, travel between classrooms, travel between buildings and movement at break times so as to minimise the risk of transmitting Covid 19 among the school population. To this end we are introducing the following protocols, rules and procedures.

All teachers will create a seating plan for all students in each of their classes.

When moving to another classroom students are expected to:

· Wear a face mask in class and when you are moving inside a building.

· Exit a classroom one by one.

· Be aware that three staircases are in operation, one for going up and two for going down.

· Follow the one-way system at all times.

When moving to another classroom students will:

In the Lower Building:

· Put on a face mask prior to entering the building.

· Go immediately to their classroom and to their designated seat.

· When the class is over students will exit the classroom through the emergency exit.

· Students should then walk around the building to their next classroom

In the Upper Building:

· Put on a face mask prior to entering the building.

· Exit the classroom one by one.

· Use the one-way system correctly.

o Move from the ground floor to the upper floor via the staircase in the foyer.

o Move from upper floor rooms by following signs.

o Exit the building at the bottom of the staircase if you do not pass your next class.

o Enter the building at the entrance nearest your next classroom keeping to the one-way system.

o Go to your desk immediately.

Between buildings:

· Do not use the centre set of steps.

· Use the left-hand set of steps when moving between buildings.

On Friday, August 7th the minister wrote to principals stating:

It is now recommended that teachers and other school staff as well as post-primary students wear face coverings, similar to those worn in shops or on public transport when a physical distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained.

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