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Changes to timetable 2021/22

Dear Parents,

Following extensive research and consultation Moville Community College has taken the decision to move from 40 minute classes to 58 minutes classes for the next academic year. Students will continue to receive 28 hours tuition per week.

We have taken the decision for the following reasons:

  1. Longer classes will allow time for deeper learning about a topic or more content in classes.

  2. They allow for a wider range of active teaching methodologies.

  3. Students have five or six classes per day to prepare.

  4. Less breaks between classes means more time for learning.

  5. They allow a teacher to give the extra help for students finding the topic challenging.

  6. The more able student can progress at their own pace with some teacher support.

  7. School bags will be lighter.

The decision presents a number of challenges and consequences.

  1. The school day will change – 4 days will have six classes and one day will have five classes.

  2. The shorter day has been negotiated with Bus Eireann so as to facilitate primary schools.

    1. A sample timetable of the school day is outlined below.

  3. Uniform policy will change:

    1. A committee will make changes to uniform policy led by the DP.

    2. Students will wear suitable PE clothing all day on the days they have PE.

  4. Start and finish times of Home Economics classes will have to be flexible:

    1. Longer cooking times will require students to attend over breaks from time to time.

  5. In Junior Cycle we have maximised the number of subjects (10) students will study.

    1. This means they get slightly less time per subject than previous years.

Proposed timetable (after consultation with Bus Eireann re Friday)

Monday - Thursday

Period 1 09.00 09.58

Period 2 09.58 10.56

Small break 10.56 11.11

Period 3 11.11 12.09

Period 4 12.09 13.07

Lunch 13.07 13.42

Period 5 13.42 14.40

Period 6 14.40 15.38


Period 1 08.45 09.43

Period 2 09.43 10.41

Period 3 10.41 11.39

Break 11.39 11.57

Period 4 11.57 12.55

Period 512.5513.53

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