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One World Conference

On Thursday 17th of October Transition Year students attended the One World Conference in the Guildhall, Derry.

The day began with a remarkable story of compassion and forgiveness by Richard Moore from Children in Crossfire. Richard, a victim of The Troubles in Northern Ireland was blinded for life from the age of ten. He was shot by a British soldier on the way home from school. In spite of this, Richard went on to have a very successful life. In 1996 Richard met the man who shot him, the two have since become friends. Richard's story began as a tragedy but ended as a triumph of human spirit to overcome adversity. The 14th Dalaì Lama describes Moore as 'a real practitioner of compassion, a living example of peace'. The pupils of Moville Community College reacted very positively to his story.

Following this very powerful opening speech, students participated in a global citizenship education quiz. Leslie McDermott, Maya McGhee and Junior Campbell won vouchers for their quick thinking. After lunch pupils took part in a variety of workshops with children from other schools. The workshops included themes such as Bees,Trees, Seas, Food for thought, I have a dream , The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Art as activism. The graffiti art project proved very popular. Many students were delighted to take home their newly made bird boxes and window planters.

The day ended with pupils signing the Compassion Pledge. Students were left with much food for thought. They were provided with practical ideas and actions for change-making. The trip was not only inclusive but also informative and inspiring.

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