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Brian McDermott and Neven Maguire visit MCC

This afternoon Moville Community College had the honour of welcoming two esteemed chefs into our school. Chef Brian McDermott brought a copy of his new book 'Brian McDermott's Donegal Table that will be officially launched later this evening in the Redcastle Hotel. Brian brought with him Chef Neven Maguire who assisted with the cookery demonstration and presentation of the book.

Principal Anthony Doogan welcomes Brian McDermott and Neven Maguire to Moville Community College.

Brian spoke to the students about the creation of a book and how proud we should be in Donegal of our fresh produce. He mentioned how we can eat healthily and affordably with food right on our doorstep without having to eat processed food. He encouraged the students to get involved in cooking at home, to cook for themselves and their families and how this can be done in a simple and affordable way with local produce and simple, tasty, healthy recipes. He mentioned how proud he was of our local fresh produce here in Donegal and how this formed part of the inspiration for his new book.

Brian presents a copy of his new book to Home Economic teachers Ms. Cooney, Ms. Britton and Ms. Hegarty

Neven spoke for a short while about his love of Home Economics and how important it was, not just as a school subject, but as a life skill. Being able to cook for yourself, being able to provide nourishment and fuel for you and your family through cooking. He stressed the importance of Home Economics as a subject and that it is central to being able to look after yourself. Brian and Neven spoke about how they both trained at catering college and about how they are still learning about cooking and food, not just from one another, but from travelling to different places around the world to experience different culture's food. Brian encouraged students to not dismiss a food as something they 'don't like' just because of one bad experience, but to experiment by trying foods that they have never tried before.

Brian and Neven then prepared a recipe from Brian's book: Orzo pasta with bacon, spinach, cream and herbs. The smell of the cooking filled the room and the dish itself was delicious. On behalf of the staff and students in the school, we would like to than Brian and Neven for visiting the college today and providing us with an insight into how simple cooking can be. And to Brian for the kind gift.

Neven and Brian doing what they do best.

The orzo pasta dish with Brian's new book in the background.

Brian and Neven with staff and students following the demonstration.

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