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Cycle Against Suicide 2015 - Lauren Watt

"I didn’t expect to be interrupted during Art Class today. It was supposed to be like any other day. Mr Ryan’s voice echoed through the room, telling the Cycle Against Suicide committee and the Health Promoting Schools Committee to meet in the Upper Building. I wasn’t expecting to hear that Jim Breen, founder of Cycle Against Suicide was coming to visit us here at Moville Community College. Not only is he coming to visit but he will be here in about the next hour. This visit was totally unexpected and out of the blue. There was a great sense of excitement, shock and panic when we heard he was going to be here so soon.

Both committees got to work with a brilliant plan to make Jim welcome. Within half an hour a choir had been organised, food had been set up, first year students were organised to run with Jim through the town, and a guard of honour (comprising most students and staff) had been sorted.

The atmosphere when Jim arrived was amazing, the guard of honour let out a roar as he arrived at the school gate. Speeches were made, thoughts were shared and music rang out in the school foyer. Jim spoke about feeling the “Magic” when he arrive at our school and I think everyone else felt it too. The whole day was a brilliant surprise and I am so happy that Jim took a break from running the Cycle Against Suicide course to visit us so unexpectedly. He intends to cycle the same route next week,

Cycle Against Suicide is an organisation worth talking about. Their Motto “It’s Okay not to feel Okay” are words that ring true. I am proud to be supporting such an organisation and I just can’t wait now for the cycle to visit our school next week."

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