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Tomas, Amelia and John Mullan R.I.P.

Dear Parents,

Moville Community College is grieving the loss of three members of our school community who died in a tragic accident last night. We remember our student, Tomas Mullan, who was due to begin third year next week, his dad John and little sister Ameila. We are deeply saddened by their deaths. I ask you to pray for Geraldine who is recovering in hospital at this time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the wider families and friends of Tomas, John and Amelia at this time.

The funeral mass will take place at 11 am in St. Pius X Church in Moville on Monday.

It is possible that your child may have some feelings and questions that he/she may like to discuss with you. It is important to give factual information that is appropriate to their age. If your child is affected by this tragedy the college has support structures in place to help. Please contact a guidance counsellor in the college for further details.

Please see the following link for further reading:

Further Reading For Parents

You can help your child by taking time to listen and by encouraging them to express their feelings. All children are different and will express their feelings in different ways. It is not uncommon for children to have difficulty concentrating or to be fearful, anxious, or irritable. They may become withdrawn, cry, complain of physical aches and pains, have difficulty sleeping or have nightmares. Some may not want to eat. These are generally short term reactions. Over the course of the days to come, please keep an eye on your child and allow him/her to express their feelings without criticism.

As we begin the process of returning to school in these challenging times, I anticipate that the next few weeks will be difficult for everyone.

If you would like advice you may contact at the school.

Anthony Doogan


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