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Travelling to and from school

Being at least 2m from other people is the best way to minimize the chance of contracting Covid 19. In our school setting, this will not be possible on school busses or inside the buildings. To reduce the risk we will provide additional washing facilities, hand sanitizing facilities and asking everyone to wear a face-covering inside buildings when 2m distancing is not possible.

Specific protocols in relation to travelling to and from school are outlined the Response Plan and Roadmap for the full return to school. The roadmap for the full return to school gives the following advice about using school transport during the Covid 19 pandemic.

· Do not use school transport if you are displaying symptoms of Covid 19.

· If you have symptoms stay at home and call your GP.

· Stay at least 2m apart from others while waiting for your bus.

· Sit in the same seat every day.

· Sit beside a member of your household if possible.

· Sit beside members of your own class.

· Use hand sanitizer before getting on the bus.

· Wear a face covering from getting on the bus until you get off.

· Leave the bus one by one and allow time for each person to alight safely.

Having got off the bus students may take off their face masks. However, all students must wear a face covering before they enter a building.

Students walking, cycling or travelling to school by private transport should arrive in time to attend to their locker and move to class wearing a face covering.

At the end of the school day, students should maintain a distance of at least 2m from each other as they leave the school grounds or while waiting for their bus or transport home.

Before entering a bus they should:

· Put on their face mask

· Use hand sanitizer.

· Get on the bus one by one.

· Sit in their allocated seat.

· Continue to wear their mask until they alight from the bus.

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