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Post 14 - First Year arrangements for 1/9/20

We look forward to welcoming all students on Tuesday 1st September.

  • Students will be advised via text on the specific classroom that they will be based in on their first day in school.

  • Students are asked to bring paper and a pen.

  • Parents are advised to read the HSE document for advice on returning to schools.

Tuesday 1st of September

On arrival

  • Students should go to the classroom assigned to them by text to their parents.

Staff will be available to direct students to these rooms.

The school day will begin at 9 am.

9 o’clock

Students will meet their tutors

  • Students will receive information on guidelines relating to the rules, regulations practices, and protocols of a safe return to school.

  • Students will receive their timetable, diary, etc.

  • Students will attend some regular classes.

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