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Post 11

Cleaning regimes

Preventing Covid 19 getting in or spreading in our school will require a great effort from all the school community - staff, students, parents, and visitors to the school.

Different cleaning regimes will be required from different groups.

All of us will need to remember the advice given in Post 5 – Hand Hygiene and Respiratory Etiquette. To support this advice additional sinks will be put in corridors to provide extra handwashing opportunities. Hand sanitizers will be placed in every classroom, at the main entrance, office, and some other entrances.

In order to give an extra opportunity to clean uniforms, students should wear tracksuits/sportswear all day on the day they have Physical Education.

Teachers and Special Needs Assistants will have additional wipes and sprays available in their rooms to wipe down desks or disinfect shared equipment.

Cleaners have been given additional hours to complete additional duties in relation to maintaining the buildings. Specialist equipment has been ordered to disinfect all surfaces at the end of each day.

Cleaning protocols have been put in place, as per Department of Education guidance, to deal with suspected cases of Covid 19 in the school. The person will be accompanied by a staff member to an isolation area as per Post 6. This area is at the emergency exit adjacent to the principal’s office. The areas where the suspected case has been will be disinfected as soon as possible after the person has left the school. Single-use items will be disposed of in a refuse sack, double bagged and placed in waste bins used for collection by refuse collectors.

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