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“50 Miles / 80 Km / 100,000 steps in March Challenge”

The school PE and Home Economics departments are teaming up with “Children in Crossfire” to bring you a challenge for the month of March. As well as aiding your physical and mental wellbeing during the month of March the challenge will also benefit a very worthy cause, which works with children growing up in extreme circumstances around the globe.

We would like you to encourage other members of your family to complete the challenge also if possible. While the “50 miles in March” is a fundraising event we are acutely aware that a lot of peoples’ financial circumstances have changed in the past 12 months. With this in mind we are not setting a target for each person to raise, instead we are leaving it open for you to make a donation at the end of the challenge. Any monies raised will be greatly appreciated by “Children in Crossfire” no matter how small the donation is. If you are not in a position to make a small donation that is entirely okay. Our main goal is to get as many students and families as possible outside and active in the month of March.

With this in mind we are making the challenge as flexible as we can by allowing you to walk the distance if you are not able to jog it. You can also complete the challenge in miles, kilometres or steps, whichever format suits you best. We have “rounded” the Km distance, and the number of steps, required to complete the challenge to make it as simple as possible for you to follow.

Best of luck and here’s hoping we get similar weather to that of March 2020 for it!


Depending on the format that suits you best your goal for the month of March 2021 then is to jog or walk -

  1. 50 miles or

  2. 80 kilometres or

  3. 100,000 steps.

Some markers for you to think about along the way -

Mountain Ranges

Mount Errigal = 7,630 steps

Croagh Patrick = 12,664 steps

Carrauntoohil = 22,737 steps

Mount Kilimanjaro = 38,680 steps

Mount Everest = 58,070 steps.

50 miles = The equivalent of walking from Moville to Gweedore.

50 miles = approx. 275 laps of a soccer pitch

50 miles = approx. 200 laps of a Gaelic pitch

50 miles = The equivalent of walking around the entirety of Disney World Florida.

We are asking all students to send their miles/kilometres/steps in at the end of each week to their PE teacher on google classroom. A leader board will be put up then for each class and year group. There will be prizes for the best students/class groups etc. We have attached a form below for you, to make it easier to track your progress along the way.

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