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MCC Past Pupils Union

We are in the process of updating our files to allow us to keep in touch with as many Past Pupils as possible, keeping everybody up to date with both College and PPU events.


We are keen to set up Alumni of past pupils who would be willing to volunteer to serve as career mentors. The value of an alumni mentor is significant – they can offer valuable advice, networking and even help with CV’s or interviews. Many alumni have successfully navigated the post-graduation job search in economic downturns and a global pandemic and as a result can be especially helpful as students progress in their chosen career path.

You may choose to reach out on LinkedIn and schedule one phone call for general advice about moving to a new city, job searching, or finding opportunities in your chosen profession.

If you are a Past Pupil please complete the Google Form- MCC Past Pupils Union


Many classes may like to organise their reunion in their own special way. Let us know if anyone is planning a class reunion so you can share ideas and jointly organise.

We would also be very grateful if you let us know it's happening and that you send us a group photo of the event so we can share it on this page and on our social media apps.

Keep up to date

If you have information you would like to share, interested in a reunion, looking for a classmate or would like to create and/or contribute to an Alumni, please send an email to:

Please follow us on social media where you will receive regular updates about the College and past pupils. Social media also gives you the opportunity to discover past acquaintances.

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