Transition Year In Moville CC


  • Acts as a bridge – allows students to develop between Junior Cert and Leaving Cert.

  • It aims to promote maturity by making students more self-directed learners through the development of general, technical and academic skills.

  • TY programmes should challenge students intellectually, give them an orientation to the world of work and cater for the development of their personal and social awareness.


Co-ordinator: Ms Nuala Lafferty


If a student is thinking of doing TY, they should attend our Information Evening along with their parents. They should speak to teachers and past TY students. They can also look up information on useful websites, e.g., & and finally if you decide you would like to do TY, you can fill in application form and complete an interview.


Information for TY interview


Tranistion Year Application Form



Structure of TY in Moville CC
  • Cross Curricular Approach

  • 5 School Day week

  • Timetable unique to what Moville CC can offer

  • 3 Work Experience blocks – 1 a term

  • Various events/outings throughout the year

  • Timetable can vary from year to year depending on number of students and what the staff can offer.


Subjects offered in 2015/2016
TY Curriculum 2015/2016









  •  Art, Craft Design                   Music

  •  Horticulture                           Cookery

  •  Science                                 French/Spanish

  •  First Aid                                Technology

  •  Career Guidance                  Substance Abuse

  •  Mini Company                      Computers

  •  Religion                                 History           

  •  DCG                                     Third World Dev Ed




Fetac Level 4 Computer Applications (IT)



  • Assessment is a key part of any worthwhile learning programme.

  • Assessment can include:

  • Project work e.g. Fair Trade Week/One world week

  • Portfolio work

  • Exhibitions of students’ work, e.g History Project

  • Exams – 1st &  2nd Term


Work Experience

  • 3 blocks of 1 week work experience

  • 1 a term

  • One week – Career Centred Work Experience

  • Other 2 weeks can be based on just experience

  • Must maintain a logbook for each week which is graded

  • Students are covered by Donegal ETBs Public Liability Insurance for most career areas. It covers the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland. There are a number of areas where students are not covered e.g, working in mines or with explosives.


Entry Into TY

  • New procedure

  • Completion of an Interview

  • Raise the profile of the programme

  • Want the students to put proper thought into TY – What do they want to get out of it

  • They need to prepare in some way – E.g Work Experience, Mini company ideas



Transition Year Music Video 2011

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