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Moville Community College Student Council has done its best in the past few years to really help the school and take our fellow students’ opinions on board. We usually meet about once every two weeks to discuss our agenda and plan any upcoming events.

In the past two to three years, the council have really made an effort and a positive impact on our school, bringing the likes of; benches, catering, new lockers and many extra-curricular activities, involving martial arts, football, GAA and musical activities.


Recently the council has talked about becoming a Sanctuary School. This is a movement that calls for protections to be put into place that will ensure a safe environment for ALL students, reaffirm the constitutional right of access to education and protect the rights of undocumented immigrants, refugees and other vulnerable

Also on the agenda are ideas to include the operations of businesses in Moville and Greencastle with our school. To see what they would like to do for us and what we’d like them to do for us, and make some kind of deal. Again, these are just some ideas of the council.

Recently there was a non-uniform-day and the council raised over €400 for charity, this will go towards refugees coming to Donegal. There will also be another non-uniform-day on the 15th of March, the fee is €2 and hopefully this can go towards funding for our school.

The council is also trying its best to push for the new building that the school has been trying to fund for many years now. Any suggestions, or problems needed addressing can be suggested on a slip of paper by the students of MCC and put in suggestion boxes that are soon to be placed in our school.


The council is the voice of the young and we will always try our best to help people and satisfy our fellow students’ needs.


- Odhran Lafferty, student council member.