Post 13 - Visitors to Moville Community College

Section 4.7 of the Response Plan for the safe and sustainable reopening of schools requires schools to restrict access by visitors to the school for essential purposes only. Parents, contractors, and others who may wish to visit the school must get prior permission from the principal. Details of a person visiting will be required and kept for the purposes of contact tracing.

Any person intending to visit the school must ring in advance and inform the secretary. A request to visit the school will be approved by the principal. Upon arrival, the person will fill out the visitor's log at reception. If the member of staff is immediately available that staff member will take responsibility for the visitor and ensure (s)he adheres to school protocols. Where the member of staff is not immediately available the visitor will be asked to wait in the meeting room, if available, or in their vehicle until the member of staff is available.

A teacher may request to meet a parent. If a teacher arranges to meet a parent the teacher will inform the office secretary by filling in the contact details of the visitor into the contact tracing log and leave it with the secretary.

The school recognizes that this protocol is a significant change in the way the school has done its business heretofore. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we try to come to grips with this new situation.

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