2016 Jingle Bells Race

December 20, 2016

A huge congratulations to all the students and staff who braved the brisk weather to take part in the annual Jingle Bells Run from Lafferty's Lane back to the school. 


As well as being a bit of fun and raising some money for charity, there is also a competitive element. The winners of the different categories are out lined below:


1st Year Girl:          Katherine Mc Laughlin           Class Mc Guinness                  15:17

1st Year Boy:         Oisin Mc Elhinney                  Class SA Mc Fadden                13:02


2nd Year Girl:        Shauna Ruddy                         Class Doherty                          14:23

2nd Year Boy:        Joshua Gillen                           Class Meehan                         12:18


3rd Year Girl:         Niamh Skelly                           Class Guy                                 14:50

3rd Year Boy:        Conor Gillen                            Class Donaghy                         11:41


Outstanding Effort Award:   Samantha Mc Lucas   


Fastest Female Teacher:                   Ms. Joanne Mc Nabb                                  14:10

Fastest Male Teacher:                       Mr. Matthew Byrne                                      14:56


Overall Girl Winners

1st        Aishleen Mc Guinness                               Class Cooney                           12:56  

2nd        Caraigh Mc Guinness                               Class Cooney                           13:13

3rd        Tara Hegarty                                               Class Browne                          13:44


Overall Boy Winners

1st        Niall Gallagher                                        Class Mc Nabb                           10:56

2nd        Ethan O Kane                                        Class Harkin                                11:28

3rd        Jack Ferry                                              Class Mc Nabb                            11:43


In addition to the run another tradition in the school is the leaving certs fancy dress parade. This was hotly contested among the leaving cert tutor groups but this year's winners were Class Cooney who went as a group of Mrs. Doyle's from Father Ted!