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Post 7 – Physical Distancing

Physical Distancing by students

Maintaining a physical distance of 2m in Moville Community College is not possible in classes or indoors at break times. Indoor social spaces, indoor sports facilities and canteen facilities are part of the new extension that is currently at planning stage. This poses significant challenges in the current pandemic.

In order to reduce close contact between students and reduce the chance of Covid 19 entering the school the following procedures are being put in place:

· Assemblies are cancelled.

· All students will wear face coverings while in class or moving within the buildings.

· One direction travel on steps and stairs and in corridors will be signposted.

· A third staircase will be in use in the upper building.

· Additional outdoor seating will be provided.

· Students will encouraged to take their breaks out of doors.

· Students should download the Covid Tracker app if they have a smart phone.

Special arrangements will be put in place for staff and students at very high risk from Covid 19. Those at very high risk according to Public Health guidelines have been asked to identify themselves. Parents of students in this category should contact the school so that appropriate arrangements can be put in place.

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