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Global Goals in MCC - December 2019

Promoting Global Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption & Production,

This month, in particular, our school has been extremely active in promoting responsible consumption and production in our school in the run up to Christmas. Fairtrade tea and even Fairtrade hot-chocolate being served in the breakfast club to remind us of the importance of thinking about where our food comes from and how employees are treated.This thought can be extended to remind us to think ethically and responsibly when we are doing our Christmas shopping.

LCA have been busy in Art class doing the finishing touches to their beautiful sofa made from

recycled tyres. They plan to use this themselves at school during their breaks. This is a perfect example of the importance of “thinking outside the box” when it comes to recycling.

The Christmas Craft Fair was an inspirational example of how old unused everyday items can be used to make amazing practical and ornamental items for Christmas decorations. Buttons, jars,wooden boxes, books, wool, acorns, branches etc were all used to make gorgeous creations.

TY are currently doing projects on Palm oil. They are looking at the number of products containing Palm Oil and the serious implications this has on the environment and other parts of the world. They are planning for their peer teaching project on Palm Oil after Christmas. They encourage everyone to buy products with The Sustainable Palm Oil symbol.

Thanks to being part of the EU “Get Up & Goals” project, we applied and were approved for funding to subsidise the cost of supplying our 1st year students with beautiful stainless steel water bottles at a reduced price. We look forward to officially launching this initiative in the new year. This will really encourage students to replace any remaining plastic bottle with this more environmentally friendly alternative. Well done to all staff and students on these wonderful initiatives and promoting Global Goal 12!

Thanks again to Irish Aid who travelled up from Dublin last month and to Jo Fowler for her talk on Palm Oil during Global Citizenship week at the end of last month. This was a real motivation for our work in December. Thanks again.We are looking forward to a really productive 2020 in promoting the Sustainable Development Goals.

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