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Niamh McDermott to cook live on RTE Today with Daithi and Maura on Wednesday

Niamh McDermott, a 5th year student in Moville Community College will be cooking live on the Today show on RTÉ at 4.30 on Wednesday 1st November alongside her father Chef Brian McDermott and Dáithí Ó Sé. Tune in for Niamh's TV debut. “Both my girls enjoy cooking, and RTÉ asked if I could bring one of the girls along to cook live with me and Dáithí Ó Sé on Wednesday’s Today Show,” explained Brian. “Niamh immediately said she’d love to do it. “She also turned to me and said, ‘that’s two chefs now in the house Daddy’!” Niamh’s fellow students at Moville Community College will be watching the broadcast live on Wednesday.

Dates for English Classroom Based Assessment

Second Year English Classroom Based Assessment Friday 27th April - Friday 18th May Oral write up, research and presentation from 23rd May deadline Provision of descriptors Friday 25th May S.L.A.R to be completed by . Third Year Classroom Based Assessment and Assessment Task 1 December 2017 Deadline for Collection of Text 4 December 2017 (9.40 11.00) Assessment Task (10% of final exam)

Dates for Business Studies Classroom Based Assessments

Classroom Based Assessment – Business Studies. Dates for Current Second Year Students Monday12th March - Friday 20th April. Dates for completion of the project are Monday Friday 27th April Grading descriptors need to be awarded. 4th May 2018 Last date for S.L.A.R. meeting

Dates for Science Classroom Based Assessments

Spring 2018 20th April-18th May three weeks set aside for EEI (Extended Experimental Investigation) Monday 28th May last date for S.L.A.R. meeting is Autumn 2018 Friday 7th Dec - Friday 25th Jan (three weeks during these dates set aside for Science in Society Investigation) Friday 1st Feb 2019 Complete the Assessment Task Thursday 7th Feb last date for S.L.A.R. meeting. Examples of classroom based assessments and assessment tasks are available on

Barcelona School Trip Presentation

Please find attached the presentation delivered to parents and students regarding the European school trip. A text will be sent out on Wednesday evening to ensure all numbers are correct on the group text. If you have not received this text can you please notify the school. BARCELONA PRESENTATION


Last year the TY students studied Spanish and they sat an exam in May. This week they were rewarded with their certificates in OLA entry level 2 from CCEA. They made excellent progress in the course and their hard work is reflected in their outstanding results. Congratulations and well done.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal

The annual Team Hope Christmas Child Shoe box appeal is starting today. We are hoping to send at least 100 boxes to Eastern Europe and we need your help to do this. We are asking students to either bring in their own filled and gift wrapped shoe boxes by November 10th or to donate to the school wide appeal. TYs will fill as many boxes as they can in the week after the Halloween break. We need empty shoe boxes and Christmas wrapping paper to do this. In addition we need donations of the following items: something to wear, something to write with, something to wash with and something to play with . All items must be in new condition. Please remember no guns, blades, chocolate or liquids. A box

GREASE is the word!

Moville Community College's production of GREASE the musical will take place this December in St. Eugene's Hall, Moville. More details soon...

TY Fighting Words in Belfast

25 Tys travelled to Belfast on September 21st 2017 to participate in a creative writing workshop hosted by Fighting Words. This was the very first time a school from Donegal had ever been invited to participate and it was indeed a very worthwhile experience. Students collaborated to create two main characters and a setting. From here they wrote the first chapter of a story together. Students were then divided into groups and they completed chapter 2. They then shared their stories together in a very relaxed setting; sitting in a circle on beanbags! An illustrator was also present and she drew the characters the students created this really brought them to life for the participants. Students

Moville Community College celebrates European Day of Languages 2017

On Tuesday 26th September the transition Year class in Moville Community College held a multi-cultural food sale at lunchtime. The food sale was organised to celebrate the annual European Day of Languages and it was a massive success. Many students took part from the two classes and showed great team spirit in working together to make this day memorable. They excelled in their roles such as door staff, sales assistants, accountants, advertisers, chefs and cleaners. The students sold croissant, pain au chocolat, crepes, petit chinois and the biggest seller of all was French baguettes with Nutella. They made a profit of over €100 and all proceeds will be donated to charity . Congratulati

Past Examination Papers

Exam papers for 3rd and 6th years JC and LC exam papers can be bought from the school on Friday. Order forms have been filled in by students and all money must be paid this Friday 13th. Please place the correct amount in an envelope with your name and it will be collected by Ms Foster. Thank you

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