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LGBTQ+ Quality Mark Award


On Friday 23rd February we received the Quality Mark Award for inclusion of LGBTQ+ students at Google Headquarters, Dublin. The event was hosted by Belongto and Google. It was such an enjoyable day. We are pictured here with Stephen Cassidy, Education and Training Manager at Belongto (2nd picture) who was the best guide and support we could have asked for.

LGBTQ+ Quality Mark

Since September 2022 we have been part of the LGBTQ+ Quality Mark Programme. This programme has been established to support and accredit LGBTQ+ Safe and Supportive Schools and is an updated version of the Safe and Supportive Schools Programme previously established in 2013.


To date we have sought views of students, parents, staff and the Board of Management and are currently working through an agreed Action Plan. Further details of the programme can be found here LGBTQ+ Quality Mark


The LGBTQ+ Support Team (details below) can be contacted by students, parents and staff if they would like to access up-to-date LGBTQ+ related information, support and guidance. In this regard we also work under the Department of Education Guidelines Being LGBT in School


Staff members

Sinead Mc Carron, Guidance Counsellor –

Helen Gallagher, Art Teacher –

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